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Why be vegan? Being vegan is basically choosing animal lives over human pleasure

Why are vegans preachy? Standing up for the voiceless is part of Catholic teaching.

 What does the Catholic Catechism say about animals? The Catechism says we owe animals kindness (2415-2418). 

Is vegan food tasteless? Vegan food can be delicious if we have a sense of adventure and a trust in God's goodness.

Is vegan food expensive? Vegan food is economically viable when one eats simple foods. The health benefits are a bonus.

Do plants suffer like animals? A plant-based diet causes much less suffering in sentient creatures than an animal-based diet.

Can animals suffer? To justify their meat consumption, some people claim that animals cannot suffer. 

What is my vegan story? I went vegan as an adult when a college student questioned my discipleship of Jesus.

Can one vegan make a difference? Every single vegan makes a difference to each animal life they save.

Why care about animals when the world is on fire? Even though there are many other injustices in the world, we can still care about animals because it is really easy.

How to give up meat? Simple advice on how to give up meat and not look back.

Can animal lovers consume free range meat? Free range meat still involves willingly and unnecessarily killing animals.

Did Jesus eat meat? We need to take into account the reality of living in the harsh desert that was Judea during the first century.

Who is killing animals? Even when we don't kill animals with our own hands, we are the direct cause to their deaths when we consume meat.

How do vegans get their nutrients? One can get all one's nutrients from plant based foods. 

Can you love animals and eat meat? The kind of love that meat eaters have for animals is a self-centered feeling that is not love. 

Vegan moron or carnist psychopath, which would you choose? If we are ignorant about whether animals can suffer or not, take the safer option and treat animals kindly.

Will you walk away from Omelas (the meat aisle)? If you knew that your happiness came from torturing others, would you accept it or would you walk away?

How can I inform myself about veganism? Books and documentaries can inform us about the lives and suffering of animals. No gore, no drama. Just plant food for thought.

Did God create animals for us to eat? The Bible says God gave us plants to eat. And when God's kingdom comes, we will not be slaughtering animals. So why not stop killing animals now itself?

What do vegans eat? There is plenty of vegan food options to meet your nutritional needs and to satisfy your gastronomic desires.

Animal lovers eat meat? Graduates from Hypocrisy University are experts at cognitive dissonance.

Liberal meat eaters? Why do liberal social justice warriors not care about oppression to animals?

Conservative animal killers? Why do pro-life conservatives not care about oppression to animals?

Dog meat is delicious? Eating their flesh is a strange way to love animals.

Where does meat come from? We don't think about how animals need to be killed to produce meat. A dead cow is not a happy cow.

Meatless Christmas? We do not need to celebrate the birth of Christ by slaughtering animals.

Inconsistent paleo dude. Paleo diet dude picks and chooses only certain things about cavemen. 

The Desert Island Scenario. We don't live on a desert island. So don't worry about outlandish arguments against veganism.

Vegan Diets are healthy! Don't eat meat that is pumped with hormones and antibiotics. Plant protein FTW!

I speak about the biblical imperative for care for animals. It's about 10 minutes long, starting at the 50 minute mark.