My Essays

"By rejecting compassion, the very thing that makes us human, we become more like the animals over whom we claim to have utter dominion." 

- Daniel Mascarenhas, S.J.

I occasionally write for The Jesuit Post (TJP),  a website described as "an online media platform that offers a Jesuit, Catholic perspective on the contemporary world. The TJP is a project of Jesuits in formation. Nearly all of the contributors are not-yet-ordained Jesuits and Jesuit brothers studying theology or philosophy, or working full-time in our Jesuit ministries."

The following are some of my essays on the topic. I recommend reading the essay titled "What is the moral status of animals".

Factory Farms and Nativity Scenes

Factory farms and Nativity scenes

Factory Farms and Coorperation with Evil

Factory farming and cooperation with evil

The Role of Animals in Creation

Steck - Shifts in Catholic Views of Animals