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"We cannot pretend that we do not know this. We are not ostriches, and we cannot believe that if we do not look there will not be what we do not wish to see.” - Leo Toltstoy on animal cruelty on our farms.

The following are a few books that I have read on the topic of animal ethics, especially through the lens of the Catholic faith. I have no relationship with the authors or the publishers. Neither do I agree with everything they have to say. However, their writings provide good material to ponder about our treatment of animals.

Dominion is the best book I have read on this topic. Matthew Scully does an excellent job in weaving a narrative while also including scientific and philosophical content. It reads beautifully as a journey within the mind and heart, and throughout the world around us. I have attached the four page introduction of the book below with permission from the author.

All God's Animals is more academic and requires the reader to have some background in Christian philosophy and theology. It is a good resource for those looking for a philosophically robust discussion.

For Love of Animals provides a good overview of care for animals to a Catholic reader.  It provides a light discussion of veganism in the Catholic Tradition while providing useful jumping off points for further reading.

Animal Rights is a good introduction to the topic from a secular ethics perspective.

Are We Addicted to the Suffering of Animals.pdf

Are we addicted to the suffering of animals? - John Berkman

Dominion Introduction.pdf

Introduction - Dominion by Matthew Scully